Raiders Cash Offer To Tom Brady Revealed

Raiders Cash Offer To Tom Brady Revealed

Raiders Cash Offer To Tom Brady Revealed

The Raiders’ cash offer to Tom Brady has been revealed, and it is big.

As in, $60 million for two years big.

Heading into this offseason, Brady is an unrestricted free agent. As such, he is able to sign with whomever he pleases.

One of the teams linked most closely to him over the past few months has been the Raiders.

Realizing that it is important to make a splash in their first year in Las Vegas, team management wants to make a serious push for the 42-year-old quarterback.

Although the smart money is still on the six-time Super Bowl champion returning to the New England Patriots when the dust settles, it appears the Raiders are not going down without a fight.

On Friday, sports writer Larry Fitzgerald Sr. tweeted out how much Brady was expected to get from the Raiders when he officially hits free agency in March.

“I’m told Las Vegas is prepared to offer Tom Brady $60 million over 2 years,” he said.

If that figure sounds familiar, it is reportedly also what the Patriots are planning on offering Brady to return.

Heading into the offseason, the Raiders have approximately $55 million in cap space to play with. Although they would no doubt prefer not to blow a significant chunk of that on a quarterback who will be 43 years old when the new season starts, they will do whatever they have to do to get their man.

Currently, Derek Carr is still the starter for Las Vegas – but that could change at any moment. It is no secret that head coach Jon Gruden does not love him all that much, so it feels like a change of some sort is inevitable.

Either way, the Raiders are preparing to give Brady the red-carpet treatment once he hits free agency. Whether or not it will actually win him over remains to be seen.

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