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Is Steve Sarkisian To Colorado A Done Deal?

Is Steve Sarkisian To Colorado A Done Deal?

Is Steve Sarkisian To Colorado A Done Deal?

Is Steve Sarkisian to Colorado a done deal? Following Mel Tucker’s departure, he may be the best option available.

This past week, Colorado was thrown for a loop when its head coach departed to join Michigan State.

With the way the Spartans desperately sought Tucker to replace Mark Dantonio, it is easy to forget that Tucker spent just one year at Colorado. Moreover, in that one year, he went 5-7.

The man he took over for, Mike MacIntyre, amassed the same exact record one season earlier.

While Tucker’s credentials can be debated, what is clear is that Colorado now needs a new head coach.

And one popular name that has emerged is Sarkisian.

The Crimson Tide offensive coordinator previously did stints at both Washington and USC.

Although he is respected for his offensive prowess, it is hard to forget what a dumpster fire Sarkisian’s tenure at USC was. Presented with arguably the biggest opportunity of his career, the offensive wunderkind completely botched it in the worst way imaginable.

What is working in Sarkisian’s favor right now is that there are really no better options available.

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy keeps getting brought but, but realistically there is no way he will take this job when he will almost certainly get a better one next year.

That really just leaves Sarkisian and a bunch of also-rans.

If Sarkisian does not ultimately get the nod, the only real other option is interim head coach Darrin Chiaverini.

Chiaverini served as Colorado’s co-offensive coordinator for three seasons and is highly respected amongst the program.

That said, this is probably as good an opportunity for Sarkisian to get back into head coaching as he will ever get. If this door does not open up for him, it is hard to see a scenario where another one does.

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