What Comes Next For Manchester City

What Comes Next For Manchester City

What Comes Next For Manchester City

What comes next for Manchester City?

On Friday, the entire sports-watching world was rocked to its core.

Following a tremendous 2019 season that saw Manchester City claim all three domestic trophies and secure a trip to the UEFA Champions League, the hammer dropped on the club.

After an investigation into Manchester City’s financials, UEFA announced that club was officially banned from Champions League for not one, but two seasons.

The violation by Manchester City was a Financial Fair Play violation.

According to multiple reports, Manchester City overstated its revenue in its accounts and break-even information. Furthermore, when UEFA attempted to investigate the matter, Manchester City reportedly refused to cooperate.

Aside from the ban, Manchester City has also been fined $32.5 million.

Manchester City responded to the judgement by saying the club was “disappointed but not surprised by it.”

The club believes that an “independent body” needs to be brought in to review everything that has transpired.

Manchester City plans to appeal the judgement, but it is unclear whether anything will truly come of it.

It would not be all that surprising at this point to see manager Pep Guardiola resign. The same may occur with Manchester City’s star players – they too may opt to leave.

Stay tuned, where Manchester City as a club, its manager and its players go from here will have significant ramifications on the sport as a whole.

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