Peyton Manning’s Shirtless Photo Goes Viral (Photos)

Peyton Manning’s Shirtless Photo Goes Viral (Photos)

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. If we were going by pure skill, he might even be the best to ever play the game.

That said, Manning was never known for being in particularly great shape. Obviously you cannot be a quarterback in the NFL and be in bad shape (unless you’re drafted by the Raiders), but he looked every bit like a guy who’d probably need six seconds to run the 40.

Over the course of his playing career Manning was usually listed at 230+ pounds, and nobody really foresaw that underneath all his pads he had the body of a chiseled God. That all changed this week.

Recently released photos of Manning at the beach show that the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos star has been holding out on us this whole time.

The photo earned some interesting reactions on Twitter.

Zac Efron abs aside, Manning is heading into a big year.

In 2021, he will be eligible to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It goes without saying that he is an instant first ballot guy, what with being one of the all time greats and all.

Manning is a five time MVP award winner, 14 time Pro Bowler, recorded 14 4,000+ yard campaigns, set the single season passing yards record, and holds the single season passing touchdowns record.

In the process of setting all those marks, he also won one championship ring with the Colts and another with the Broncos.

After his playing days ended many expected Manning to jump into the broadcasting booth much in the way Tony Romo has. However, he opted to pass on multiple opportunities this year — including Monday Night Football.

During an interview with Rich Eisen, Manning pointed out that he wasn’t saying no to broadcasting forever, just for right now.

“Yeah, Rich, I haven’t said that ‘no’ forever,” he said.

“I’ve said ‘no’ to this year. It just doesn’t feel like the right time. And I hate sort of kind of having this sort of ‘check with me next year’ type deal, but that’s really how I approach this chapter.

“I just believe in taking it a year at a time. That’s kind of what (recently retired former New York Giants quarterback and younger brother) Eli (Manning) is doing. He’s taking this year off. … So that’s what I’ve tried to do and I don’t really have a five-year plan or 10-year plan. I hear people say that.

“I loved playing football, I loved everything about it and I’ve just tried to ease into this second chapter by keeping myself busy, keeping myself stimulated, creating a lot of time for family and to do some things that I haven’t had the chance to do. So, look — I love watching the games, Rich. I love going to games. We still go to all the Bronco games, I get to Colts games,” he continued.

“I kind of catch myself sort of analyzing a game in my head when I’m watching it. I kind of always did that as a player. When you watched other games, you sort of play the game in your mind. So I don’t do it quite to the extent of I’m not playing, but I still enjoy doing it.

“I enjoy listening to (NBC Sunday Night Football analyst) Cris Collinsworth and (CBS analyst) Tony (Romo) and (FOX analyst) Troy Aikman and all the good broadcasters that are doing their jobs.

“And, of course, (play-by-play) guys like (CBS’) Jim (Nantz) and (NBC Sunday Night Football’s) Al (Michaels) and (FOX’s Joe) Buck are exciting to listen to. But it’s just not in the cards for me right now. But can’t really say ‘never’ forever.”

For now, Manning can sit on the beach and soak up the sun with his washboard abs. But we all know that he’ll get that football itch sooner rather than later, and when he does, it will be interesting to see which broadcast booth he ultimately lands in.

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