Paul Pierce Offers His NBA Top 5 All-Time, Omits Kobe Bryant

Paul Pierce Offers His NBA Top 5 All-Time, Omits Kobe Bryant

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce enjoyed an immense amount of success over the course of his lengthy career. As a result, he is in the unique position to really comment on the NBA’s all-time greats from a position of authority.

This week, Pierce spoke out about something of a touchy topic: who resides on his NBA All-Time top five list.

For obvious reasons matters of this nature are always a bit controversial. Guys’ personal bias tends to seep in whether they realize it or not, leading to a lot of back-and-forth regarding who deserves what and how.

The same thing happened with Pierce.

To start, his list largely speaks for itself:

Fans immediately zeroed in on one major omission from the list: Kobe Bryant.

Pierce’s decision to not include Bryant is obviously an interesting one, especially given all the battles the pair enjoyed back in their playing days.

That said – it’s difficult to argue the inclusion of any of those players except maybe Garnett. Whereas the rest were arguably the most dominant at their position in their particular heydays, Garnett, though extremely gifted, never reached the heights Tim Duncan did.

In any case, Pierce is likely unbothered by the backlash.

Whether he’s posting racy videos with his girlfriend or mocking present-day stars for their perceived failings – he always calls it how he sees it.

This was just the latest example of that.

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