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Paul Finebaum Has Surprising Rankings For LSU, Ohio State, Alabama

Paul Finebaum Has Surprising Rankings For LSU, Ohio State, Alabama

Paul Finebaum Has Surprising Rankings For LSU, Ohio State, Alabama

Paul Finebaum has surprising rankings for LSU, Ohio State, Alabama and three other top programs.

Heading into his weekend, Alabama vs LSU was viewed as a game that would have massive playoff implications.

Surely enough, the Tigers’ consistently solid performance on Saturday likely earned them the consensus No. 1 rank – so long as they win out this year.

On Sunday, ESPN college football insider Paul Finebaum released his list of the top six teams in the nation.

According to Finebaum, the top three teams in the nation are LSU, Ohio State and Clemson.

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Round out the top six are Alabama, Georgia and Minnesota.

Penn State was out of the top six after their loss to the Gophers, and instead the winning team took their place.

What is most interesting about Finebaum’s list is how he now views Clemson and Alabama.

The ESPN analyst has spent the better part of this season trashing Clemson and their weak schedule, repeatedly suggesting that they did not deserve a place in the college football playoff.

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Alabama, meanwhile, was consistently in his top-three despite not facing any real competition.

Yet, with one loss to arguably the top team in the country, Finebaum now believes that the Clemson squad he has hated on all year long now deserves to sit atop Alabama.

Finebaum also had some hard words for Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

“Nick Saban has now been schooled in his last two consequential games,” he said.

“Not a good look for the GOAT.”

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