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Dan Mullen’s Wife Kissing Players Gets Surprising Reaction

Dan Mullen’s Wife Kissing Players Gets Surprising Reaction

Dan Mullen’s wife kissing players has gotten a surprising reaction.

Megan Mullen, the wife of Florida head coach Dan Mullen, sparked controversy recently when it was revealed that she has something of a peculiar tradition with Gators players.

Apparently, as the Florida players prepare to make their way to the field, Megan hugs and kisses each one.

Many came out and immediately called her action’s inappropriate, with some likening it to sexual harassment.

However, in an interesting development, the mother of Florida tight end Kemore Gamble has come out and taken the complete opposite stance.

She believes the entire situation is getting blown out of proportion, and she defended the coach’s wife.

Dan Mullen

If parents don’t mind what is happening and the athletes don’t have an issue with it, then there doesn’t appear to be a problem here.

Is it a little weird? Yes.

Is it really sexual harassment? It doesn’t appear like it.

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