Patrick Beverley Details His Lakers Exit (Video)

Patrick Beverley Details His Lakers Exit (Video)

Patrick Beverley and the Los Angeles Lakers decided to end their partnership early and go their separate ways at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Although all sides involved seemed ready for a change, most assumed that L.A. took the initiative to get rid of Beverley.

This week, new details emerged that suggest that is not in fact the case.

During a podcast appearance, Beverley detailed how things really went down.

“To some people it could be, you know, Pat Bev got traded. In all reality, I didn’t like what was going on an (asked them to) find a better home for me,” Beverley said.

“It wasn’t, ‘He ain’t good enough, let’s get rid of him.’ That s— was my decision. So you gotta think, I’m making a decision that was my decision and they’re honoring my request. At the same time, they’re honoring my request and now I’m sitting here without a home.”

It’s hard to say at this point how Beverley truly feels about the Lakers. His first text message to Russell Westbrook after the latter player got traded suggests that there may be some ill will there.

Then again, as evidenced by the time Beverley explained why he is better than Chris Paul, when he thinks something – he says it. If he really felt some type of way about the Lakers, he would likely just come out with it.

Either way, the Lakers are happy with their new roster and Beverley seems quite content with the Chicago Bulls.

No matter who initiated what, both sides ended walking away feeling good about what transpired.

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