Patrick Beverley Explains Why He Is Better Than Chris Paul

Patrick Beverley Explains Why He Is Better Than Chris Paul

Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley is one of the more enigmatic players of his generation.

Although he is a good defender and undeniably solid locker room guy, he somehow lands in the headlines way more than someone of his skill level should.

One of the things that has really catapulted Beverley to fame in recent years has been his longstanding beef with Phoenix Suns point guard, Chris Paul.

This past week Beverley sat in for an interview with Kevin Hart where he touched on a myriad of topics.

One in particular was why he believes he is actually better than Paul.

“Chris Paul was on the [Los Angeles] Clippers,” he said.

“Then he left and I came on the Clippers. The Clippers went to the Western Conference Finals the only time. They didn’t go there with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and the Lob City. They went there with me.”

During the same interview, Beverley was asked about his current relationship with Paul.

“No relationship,” Beverley said, before elaborating.

“Obviously, he is in a position, ‘Point God,’ anytime I see Chris Paul it’s smoke,” he continued.

“That comes from all the things and all the success he’s had in his basketball career. But yeah is it preseason am I going to pick you up full court? F*** yeah.

“So from now on until you retire, or until I retire, or until my f***ing bones pop out of my f***ing knees, I’m going to hound you every single time until we’re done.”

Beverley and Paul are going to go down in NBA history as being two of the greatest enemies in league lore.

Maybe some day their relationship will improve, but that day likely isn’t coming any time soon.

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