Panthers Fan Caught Taking Provocative Cheerleader Video

Panthers Fan Caught Taking Provocative Cheerleader Video

The Carolina Panthers came into the 2022-23 NFL season with a lot of hope.

They had just acquired Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns via a fairly low-risk trade. The roster had a surprisingly decent amount of young talent. Optimism was flowing.

Unfortunately, this squad simply hasn’t been able to do much of anything this year. Now, 12 games into the season, Mayfield is riding the bench and head coach Matt Rhule has been fired.

Understandably fans aren’t getting much satisfaction from the on-the-field product anymore. Because of that, they have started looking towards other things to keep them entertained during games.

Case in point:


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“Bro really pulled out the binoculars,” one fan responded to the video.

“Got the Baker jersey too,” another fan observed.

“Everyone knows what he’s doing with that photo,” a third person wrote.

Big picture, obviously this isn’t an isolated incident. A Detroit Lions fan was busted taking provocative photos of cheerleaders earlier this season.

And then before that, a Minnesota Vikings simply fan couldn’t stop gawking at a Philadelphia Eagles fan with a very big butt.

This most recent act is just par for the course.

The Panthers cheerleaders are very popular, clearly. On Instagram alone they have nearly 30,000 followers:


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Big picture, it is unlikely that Carolina will be able to right this ship in 2022-23. Sam Darnold will take over as starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, but he has about as low a ceiling as you can get.

Panthers fans have resigned themselves to this being a lost year – and understandably so.

There’s a reason why Mayfield’s wife’s wild outfit choices have been the buzziest story surrounding the team in recent weeks.

They don’t have much else going on.

Will the Panthers at some point be able to give their fans something to actually care about on the football field?

Time will tell.

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