Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ Blunt Message For Donald Trump

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ Blunt Message For Donald Trump

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has become a significantly more outspoken person in recent years.

Whereas once upon a time he came off as reserved and focused on doing what he needed to do on the football field, as of late, he can’t seem to stop commenting on various political and societal issues.

The trend continued this week, when Rodgers delivered a very blunt message to former President Donald Trump.

Rodgers appeared on a podcast recently and offered a fairly scathing commentary regarding winning and losing to the previous Commander in Chief.

“You take it like a man,” Rodgers said. “You don’t go, ‘We won that game’ That’s what Donald Trump does. We won that game. You didn’t. You lose it. It happens. You lose sometimes.

“Be a f***ing man and just own up like every other president has ever done.”

The irony here, of course, is that a lot of fans criticized Rodgers just last week for his choice of shirt – which they assumed was an endorsement or acknowledgement of Trump.

Rodgers has been in the headlines nonstop over the last few weeks.

First there was the reigning MVP’s very suspicious video that caused some waves. Then came the huge shift he made in his look. And then of course there was the stuff he randomly said about his ex-girlfriend, Danica Patrick.

Rodgers has just been a magnet for controversy.

With the new season approaching, it will be interesting to see if he ultimately shifts gears and pumps the brakes a bit on the political and societal stuff.

If the Packers perform well this season, despite losing arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, then Rodgers will have carte blanche to say and discuss whatever he wants in his free time.

Should the team struggle, though – expect for him to face increased scrutiny regarding whether he has the right focus on what matters.

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