Olivia Dunne’s Hotel Room Photos Earn Strong Reaction

Olivia Dunne’s Hotel Room Photos Earn Strong Reaction

Olivia Dunne established herself as the biggest star in all of college sports last year.

By any objective measure, the LSU gymnast dominated headlines both on and off the mats with her unique charm and innate ability to connect with fans.

It’s still early, but 2023 is looking to be more of the same for Dunne.

This past week, the Tigers star released a series of hotel room photos to show off her uniform for the coming season. To say that they earned a strong reaction would be an understatement.


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“Oh I’m ready,” her teammate Aleah Finn replied.

“Livvy, ruin my life,” another fan said.

“Obsessed,” a third fan responded.

Dunne causing a massive stir with her social media posts is obviously a weekly occurrence at this juncture.

Whether she is taking vacation photos with her teammates, sharing outtakes from her date night, showcasing her wild locker room video or revealing her special Christmas outfit – Dunne is nothing if not in touch with the sort of stuff her fans like to see.

The fact that she has a seven-figure net worth at this age, mostly on the back of her expert social media skills, is really a testament to how savvy of a businessperson she is.

There are a lot of athletes out there trying to do what Dunne does. Some of them are her teammates.

But none have reached the same level of success.

Dunne’s place in the larger cultural zeitgeist is beyond reproach at this point.

Over the past couple of months Dunne has really been able to lean into the social media side of her personality because gymnastics was on hiatus.

Well, it’s back now. And her focus will likely be at least somewhat pointed in that direction for the foreseeable future.

How will that ultimately impact Dunne’s posting schedule on social media?

Time will tell.

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