Olivia Dunne Rival Sydney Smith’s Wild Video Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne Rival Sydney Smith’s Wild Video Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne rival and noted South Carolina State gymnast Sydney Smith saw one of her wild videos go viral this week.

Smith, a burgeoning collegiate star in her own right, has been amassing a major social media following over the past few months.

Because of her niche and the similarities between her content and Dunne’s, many have taken to calling them rivals.

A few weeks ago, Smith lightly jabbed at her LSU counterpart for hopping on one of her social media trends.

@sydneyshmity Replying to @jonny ♬ wild thots – ☆

That obviously further enflamed the “rivalry” chatter.

Either way, whether Smith and Dunne are truly rivals or not, the mere implication has been great for Smith’s brand. She is more popular than ever nowadays.

This week, another one of her wild videos went mega-viral.

@sydneyshmity When you runnin through my mind at practice #gymnastics 🎥 @Alexa ♬ Running through my mind – N.

@sydneyshmityIf anyone can do this let me lnow♬ Yami everywhere – 111

It goes without saying that this isn’t the first time in recent months Smith has set the internet ablaze in this fashion. Between her provocative recent personal video and her racy photos nearly melting the internet, she has been a permanent fixture in the news cycle.

Plus, there is also her general social media output, which never disappoints.


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A post shared by Sydney Smith 🦋 (@sydneysmittth)


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A post shared by Sydney Smith 🦋 (@sydneysmittth)

Big picture, though – Smith clearly isn’t on Dunne’s level yet. Heck, even Dunne’s sister’s wild photos from last week did better numbers than what some of Smith’s posts do.

That being said, just because there is only one Olivia Dunne doesn’t mean there isn’t enough NIL money to go around for everyone.

And as Smith’s profile continues to grow, her earnings will only increase as a result.

What will Smith go viral for next? And will it have anything to do with her growing rivalry with Dunne? Time will tell.

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