Miami Dolphins Cheerleader’s Wild Video Causes A Stir

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader's Wild Video Causes A Stir

A Miami Dolphins cheerleader’s wild video caused something of a stir this week amid the team’s preparation for the looming 2023-24 NFL season.

Last year proved to be something of a mixed bag for Miami.

On the positive side of things, Tua Tagovailoa quietly began to live up to the expectations folks set for him coming out of Alabama. He put up career highs in both passing yards with 3,548 total and touchdowns with 25 total. He also improved his interceptions total.

That’s the good. The bad, however, is that he simply couldn’t stay healthy. It was one concussion after another. That culminated in him missing the Dolphins’ last three games of the season.

On paper, this group has all the pieces necessary for success. But it all hinges on getting healthy quarterback play – which they didn’t in 2022-23.

One group that did exceed expectations last season was the team’s cheerleading group. As a result, Miami’s various dancers amassed major social media followings.

This week, one particular Dolphins cheerleader caused something of a stir with her wild dance video.

@jozieschroder week 3 check in @Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders training camp 💪🏻 #nflcheer #miamidolphins #nflcheerauditions #miami #nfl #trainingcamp ♬ original sound – Jozie

@jozieschroder @Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders training camp week 2 #nflcheer #miamidolphins #nflcheerauditions #miami #nfl #trainingcamp ♬ original sound – Jozie


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The dancer in question, Jozie, has blown up online before. Her provocative photos from a few months ago also proved to be a huge hit.

Jozie isn’t the only NFL cheerleader so set the internet ablaze this week, though. A Dallas Cowboys dancer’s intimate personal pictures also nearly melted the internet a few days ago.

Cheerleading aside, it will be fascinating to see what incarnation of the Dolphins shows up in 2023-24.

If Tagovailoa can stay healthy, he has the potential to be a top-three quarterback in the NFL. The problem is just staying healthy. Thus far, he has missed seven games over the past two seasons due to rib and head injuries.

By all accounts, aside from some fun times with his secret wife, Tagovailoa has primarily dedicated himself to getting more physically resilient this offseason. Time will tell how that works out for him.

Last season the Dolphins, at times, looked like the AFC East’s second-best team.

That said, with Aaron Rodgers now on the New York Jets and the New England Patriots now having an actual offensive coordinator, the path to being the division’s second best team behind the Buffalo Bills has gotten tougher.

Will Miami be able to succeed in 2023-24? Time will tell. Either way, though, the Dolphins cheerleaders will inevitably be there rooting them on week of the season.

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