Tua Tagovailoa Latest Photos With His Wife Cause A Stir

Tua Tagovailoa Latest Photos With His Wife Cause A Stir

Tua Tagovailoa’s latest photos with his wife, Annah Gore, caused something of a stir this week.

Fresh off inarguably the best season of his NFL career from a production standpoint, Tagovailoa has understandably been feeling good this summer.

One year ago, there was a legitimate conversation about whether he was capable of being a starter in the league. Now, he has proven that he is. It’s just a matter of protecting him from experiencing as many shots to the head as he took in 2023.

This past week Tagovailoa made his first public appearance of the offseason at his foundation’s event in Florida. He came with his wife and new baby, but that isn’t what stole the show.

Rather, what fans couldn’t get enough of was his new look.

It’s interesting to see Tagovailoa and Gore out together, as the latter has been notoriously private this entire time. The mystery surrounding her is a big reason why her photos consistently go viral and why Tagovailoa’s wild party video featuring her made such a splash.

Brittany Mahomes set the internet ablaze with her provocative Easter party photos this week. Is Gore on that level? Obviously not. But if the Dolphins started winning, it’s also not inconceivable that she could some day get there.

Big picture, Tagovailoa looks to be in great shape and ready to roll for the looming NFL season.

The AFC East appears ripe for the takeover next year. Stefon Diggs seems to hate Josh Allen now. The New York Jets may not get Aaron Rodgers after all. Mac Jones is probably getting traded to one of four teams before the season even commences.

If Tagovailoa can play like he did at his top points last year, and so long as he can stay healthy, Miami will be a problem in 2023-24.

It’s all about staying healthy.

Will Tagovailoa be able to lead the Dolphins into the playoffs next season? Time will tell, but either way his wife will undoubtedly be there cheering him on every step of the way.

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