Olivia Dunne Celebrates LSU Teammate’s Birthday With Bar Photos

Olivia Dunne Celebrates LSU Teammate’s Birthday With Bar Photos

Olivia Dunne has had an injury-plagued gymnastics season in 2023, but her LSU Tigers finally seem to be finding some sort of rhythm.

After getting off to an extremely slow start, the squad just beat No. 2 ranked Florida and has won two of its last three matches.

Momentum seems to be on LSU’s side for the moment.

In addition to things going well on the mats for Dunne from a team perspective, she is also thriving off them. This week she shared some celebratory bar photos from her friend and teammate Kamryn Ryan’s birthday.

Olivia Dunne Celebrates LSU Teammate’s Birthday With Bar Photos 1

Ryan also posted a few pictures to commemorate the occasion as well.

Dunne boasts arguably the most engaged social media following in all of sports, so this obviously isn’t the first time in recent weeks she has blown up. Her epic Valentine’s Day celebration caused a major stir, as did her memorable hotel room photos.

The post to honor Ryan’s birthday is also a fresh reminder of how close Dunne is with many of her teammates. Her video with Elena Arenas nearly broke the internet a few weeks back, for obvious reasons.

Dunne’s on-the-mats fortunes haven’t been great this year, obviously. She was hoping to be a healthy and contributing member for her team and instead has been bogged down by persistent health woes.

That said, there is still plenty of season left.

Dunne has made a big mark off the mats, and she will likely now make a big one on them as she continues to get right.

Two months into 2023 and Dunne is already the biggest star in all of college sports. What will she ultimately make headlines for next? Time will tell.

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