Michael Jordan’s Policy On Women In Clubs

Michael Jordan’s Policy On Women In Clubs

Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time. Not only is he still respected all these decades after his retirement, but he was an undeniable icon during his heyday.

As such, the Chicago Bulls legend had a special way of dealing with women.

Particularly when he went out.

During a recent interview, one of Jordan’s contemporaries, John Salley, revealed what the Bulls star was like when he went out.

“You think they’re letting people get to Michael Jordan?” Salley laughed.

“You’re tripping. This is what I say – I traveled with Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, that was traveling with right? They’re not letting anybody near ya’ll, dawg.

“You aint getting no stragglers because there are no stragglers. You’re not letting any of that riffraff near the Messiah. He is more important to the NBA than he is to the Bulls that there was nothing around.”

Salley can still remember the way he pleaded with Jordan to go out.

“I went out with Michael in Philly and I begged him to go out and he was like, ‘No, we’re going down to Atlantic City’ and I said, ‘No man, forget that man; they are already on you, just come to the club.’ He said, ‘Sal, I can’t go tonight. I got it hooked up. We go in the back way; I’ll smoke cigars in there…,” Salley said.

Classic stuff.

This past week, Jordan celebrated his 60th birthday in memorable fashion. He obviously tried to keep it as private as possible, but photos and videos still leaked out.

Hopefully as time goes on more and more interesting stories about Jordan emerge.

The man’s place in basketball lore is etched in stone at this point. And the more fans learn about him while he is still around to get his flowers, the better.

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