John Wall Buyout Race Down To 3 NBA Teams

John Wall Buyout Race Down To 3 NBA Teams

The Los Angeles Clippers dealt John Wall to the Houston Rockets ahead of this season’s NBA Trade Deadline.

Earlier in the year there was a lot of optimism about the sort of match L.A. and Wall seemed to be on paper, but for whatever reason, it never quite worked as well in reality.

Wall averaged 11.4 points and 5.2 assists in 34 games for the Clippers, but the stats never felt particularly meaningful. Hence the team’s decision to go in a different direction.

Given Wall’s history with Houston, it’s clear that he isn’t long for the Rockets. The question now is just where he will go.

As recently as last week the 32-year-old was linked to five separate teams. Since then the Chicago Bulls have added Patrick Beverley and Miami Heat have signed Kevin Love. While that latter move doesn’t necessarily mean Pat Riley and Co. won’t also pursue Wall, he clearly isn’t a priority either.

So who does that leave? It leaves the Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards and Milwaukee Bucks.

According to NBA insider Evan Massey, the Bucks “are a team to watch for John Wall once buyout is reached, barring another move for a guard.” The fit certainly makes sense. He could be a more offensively-capable, defensively-lacking Eric Gordon-type player for them off the bench.

Obviously Gordon getting dealt away was a key part of Milwaukee’s transition from a contender to a champion, but that is because he was asked to play too big a role. Wall wouldn’t have that problem.

The Lakers also make a ton of sense. They need scoring firepower off the bench, and Wall brings that in droves. He isn’t the most efficient scorer in the world, but L.A. wouldn’t need him to be for the 15 or so minutes he would play per game.

Finally, the Washington Wizards continue to wait in the wings. Wall famously said he wanted to return to them at some point, and now makes as much sense as any other time.

“I’m still not saying goodbye,” Wall said about D.C. after a Clippers-Wizards game this year.

“You never know what the future could hold. I’m not saying goodbye. It’s not closure for me… I’m gonna continue to show my love and support for this city and the people that have always been for me, and that’s never gonna change.”

One way or another, with Russell Westbrook and Beverley off the board, a decision from Wall is coming soon.

Where will he ultimately finish the 2023 NBA season out? Time will tell.

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