ESPN Broadcaster’s Comment About Women’s Basketball (Video)

ESPN Broadcaster’s Comment About Women’s Basketball (Video)

An ESPN broadcaster landed in hot water this week over a comment he made during a women’s college basketball game between Michigan State and Maryland.

The incident in question occurred following a showdown between the No. 8 ranked Terrapins and the currently-unranked Spartans.

Essentially, the ESPN personality recapped the game that occurred between the two teams, before transitioning to a men’s college basketball game between Michigan State and Michigan.

That is where things went awry.

“Let’s get back to the actual basketball,” he said.

The reactions to this particular situation were roughly what one would expect. Everyone is so polarized nowadays that it didn’t take long for each side to plant their feet and start defending their particular points of view.

This isn’t the first time ESPN has landed in hot water in recent months. Fans were also calling for one personality’s firing after his Damar Hamlin comments. And then of course there was that weird incident where a cameraman kept zooming in on cheerleader derrieres.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports has certainly seen better days from a controversy perspective.

Will anything actually happen as a result of this incident?

Time will tell, but to date ESPN has yet to comment on it.

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