Odell Beckham Makes Final Decision On Browns Future

Odell Beckham Makes Final Decision On Browns Future

Odell Beckham Makes Final Decision On Browns Future

Odell Beckham made a final decision on his Browns future this week.

Beckham, 27, came to Cleveland this year with a lot of hype surrounding his arrival.

Despite how things ended between him and the New York Giants, many considered Beckham arguably the most talented wide receiver in the league.

It was this confidence in his abilities that led the Browns to ultimately trade for him at a very steep cost.

Cleveland brass seemed convinced that once he was getting paid, Beckham would fall in line and be a good soldier.

The hope was that Baker Mayfield would build on a solid rookie campaign and that he would have a nice little security blanket in Beckham.

Almost immediately after Beckham was acquired by Cleveland, bets began rolling in on them as postseason picks.

We all know how that turned out.

The Browns never got it together. Mayfield regressed. Beckham was hampered by injuries and a general dissatisfaction with how the offense was playing.

A week ago a report emerged from Jay Glazer that Beckham had publicly been petitioning opposing teams and players to trade for him.

Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson ultimately confirmed the report as accurate.

This week, Beckham attempted to do some damage control.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Beckham went in and told Browns brass that he will not be demanding a trade.

Apparently, per the report, he wants to see how things go in 2020 first.

“The former All-Pro does not plan to request a trade, according to sources with knowledge of the situation,” he wrote.

“Beckham is among a core of veteran Browns players, however, who are interested to see what changes, if any, are made to the team’s staff and scheme in 2020, with some deep concerns about the lack of evolution in a passing game many expected to be among the best in football.”

The temporary reprieve from Beckham is obviously a good thing for Cleveland, but it remains to be seen if anything will be different next year.

At this point, the team is showing few signs of life.

On Sunday, the Browns fell to the equally disappointing Arizona Cardinals 38-24.

At 6-8, Cleveland now has no shot at making the playoffs.

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