Odell Beckham Is Joining Pittsburgh Steelers

Odell Beckham Is Joining Pittsburgh Steelers

Odell Beckham Is Joining Pittsburgh Steelers

Odell Beckham is joining the Pittsburgh Steelers, it would appear.

When the New York Giants agreed to send Beckham to the Cleveland Browns, many people thought it was a new day for the AFC North.

Beckham would team up with Baker Mayfield and form a dynamic quarterback-wide receiver combination that would be among the best in the league.

On paper, the logic made sense.

Mayfield had a reasonably successful rookie campaign last year and Beckham has shown flashes of greatest of all time-level talent.

The idea was, if they were both able to put it together, it would lift Cleveland to new heights.

Unfortunately, they were not able to put it together.

Mayfield regressed in his sophomore campaign, becoming far less accurate and much more sloppy with the football.

Beckham spent much of the year dealing with injuries and suffering the side-effects of Mayfield’s disappointing season.

It all reached a breaking point a few weeks ago, when Beckham reportedly began publicly asking opposing teams to trade for him.

Jay Glazer was the first to report on Beckham pleading with other franchises for a trade, and it was later confirmed by Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson.

Clearly the situation in Cleveland is untenable. The Browns are 6-8 on the year and, for all intents and purposes, their season is over.

If Beckham truly wants out, he will get his reprieve.

The question now becomes: where will the Browns trade him?

Well, according to Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network, Beckham has his sights set on another AFC North team: the Steelers.

Cleveland played Pittsburgh in Week 11 and Week 13, so he likely made his pitch to that organization at some point in those two weeks.

On its face, a deal for Beckham would make sense for Pittsburgh. If Ben Roethlisberger comes back healthy next year, he proves a great receiving option for him.

Should Roethlisberger retire during the summer, the next Steelers quarterback will benefit from having a receiver with Beckham’s talent on the roster.

Will this deal definitely happen? Obviously nothing is in stone.

Is there a very good chance of it happening? Absolutely.

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