Odd Exchange Between Victor Wembanyama, Dennis Schroder Goes Viral

Odd Exchange Between Victor Wembanyama, Dennis Schroder Goes Viral

An awkward exchange between San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama and Toronto Raptors guard Dennis Schroder caused something of a stir this week.

The Spurs and Raptors faced off on Sunday in a thriller that eventually went into overtime. When everything was said and done, Toronto emerged with a 123-116 victory.

While the game itself was interesting, one viral moment in particular set the internet ablaze in the aftermath.

It involved an awkward exchange taking place between Wembanyama and Schroder:

If it feels like Wembanyama has been an absolute headlines magnet in recent days, it is because he definitely has been. Between him getting publicly chewed out by Gregg Popovich, his wild photo with Malika Andrews and the critique of his game that Kawhi Leonard offered, it has been one thing after another for him.

This is just the latest example.

Fans at home had some reactions to Wembanyama’s back-and-forth with Schroder.

Six games into the season, San Antonio is 3-3.

Wembanyama continues to show all the glimpses and signs of brilliance that many expected from him, albeit with the flaws in his game getting exposed pretty regularly as well.

As far as rookies go, though – Wembanyama is at the top of his class so far.

What sort of campaigns will Wembanyama and Schroder have from this point forward? Time will tell.

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