Malika Andrews’ Wild Photo With Victor Wembanyama Causes A Stir

Malika Andrews’ Wild Photo With Victor Wembanyama Causes A Stir

Victor Wembanyama has hit the NBA world like a tidal wave in 2023.

No incoming star since LeBron James has evoked so much hype, attention and emotion as the 19-year-old.

This week, with the San Antonio Spurs’ 2023-24 NBA regular season on the verge of commencing, Wembanyama sat down with Malika Andrews for an interview.

One viral image from their get-together quickly emerged.


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“Hold up, Malika. How tall are you [because] it look you’re almost there?” one fan wondered.

“Damn you’re pretty tall yourself to be up there next to him,” another fan agreed.

Wembanyama is obviously getting used to being in the headlines. Over the last few months alone he has trended for everything ranging from how jacked he got during the offseason to the way his new haircut makes him look like Tim Duncan to his take on the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James GOAT debate.

He is just that level of superstar at this juncture.

Not that Andrews is a slouch in her own right when it comes to landing in the news.

Be it for the details of who she is dating, how much ESPN is paying her or handsy encounter with Jalen Rose, she has been a permanent fixture in the headlines over the past year.

Big picture, based on the sort of campaign Wembanyama figures to have in 2023, ESPN’s fawning coverage of superstars and the prominent role Andrews plays in basketball programming at the Worldwide Leader in Sports – this likely isn’t the last time these two will speak.

Will Wembanyama and Andrews’ next interaction spark as much viral buzz as this one ultimately did? Time will tell.

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