NFL Fans React To Erin Andrews’ Beach Day Photo

NFL Fans React To Erin Andrews' Beach Day Photo

Erin Andrews is one of the busiest people in all of sports during the NFL season.

Between her continuous coverage for FOX and recognized status as a major ambassador for all things football, she seldom gets time to rest while games are taking place.

Fortunately, the offseason has commenced – allowing Andrews to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

She started it off by embarking on a vacation with her husband. The pair’s wild photos from their adventure immediately set the internet ablaze.

This week Andrews did something a little more lowkey, she had a beach day with her best friend.

Needless to say, NFL fans loved it.

“Goldens are the very best,” one person wrote.

“Just Love Howie! And he loves his mom and dad,” another person agreed.

“A golden in Manhattan Beach! That was my exact life in 1985,” a third person chimed in.

Andrews has obviously been a permanent fixture in the headlines as of late. Between her memorable photos with Tiger Woods, racy text messages brouhaha and her revelation about what Tom Brady smells like, it has just been one thing after another with her.

This past week Andrews’ podcast partner, Charissa Thompson, shared some provocative wedding party pictures that caused something of a stir. But even though the engagement on those photos was off the charts, it still doesn’t compare to the sort of numbers Andrews does routinely.

At this point, Andrews’ status as arguably the biggest NFL broadcaster in all of sports is beyond reproach.

She has put in the time and built up a lot of equity with football fans that others simply can’t match.

For now, she can enjoy the offseason.

Soon enough she will be back at it breaking down the latest NFL news and rumors like only she can.

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