NFL Fans Notice Ref Drop Something During Dolphins-Titans Game

NFL Fans Notice Ref Drop Something During Dolphins-Titans Game

The Tennessee Titans came back from a late deficit to beat the Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

While the latter squad’s collapse against objectively inferior competition was obviously the main story coming out of this game, one minor side plot also captivated the audience.

Particularly the individuals prone to identifying and cultivating viral stories.

Eagle-eyed NFL fans at home couldn’t help but notice the ref drop something during the game:

Immediately, folks flocked to social media to identify what precisely what dropped on the field.

The theories flowed in quickly:

In a wild week of football where NFL reporters suspiciously deleted their Kansas City Chiefs tweets and Sam Ponder’s provocative outfit on an ESPN show set the internet blaze, obviously the mystery of what that object was likely won’t have lasting power.

People will simply move on.

That said, it would be nice to know what it was.

Will the NFL ref involved ultimately come out and address it once and for all this week? Time will tell.

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Charles Kruger

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