NFL Reporters Suspiciously Delete Chiefs Tweets After Bills Win

NFL Reporters Suspiciously Delete Chiefs Tweets After Bills Win

NFL reporters suspiciously deleted some pro-Kansas City Chiefs tweets on Sunday evening after Patrick Mahomes and Co. were defeated by the Buffalo Bills.

With a little over a minute remaining in the game, what initially appeared to be a Kadarius Toney touchdown was called back because he clearly lined up offside prior to the snap.

While Mahomes and all his teammates were very upset about not getting a touchdown that would have given them a 23-20 lead, it was ultimately the right decision to call the infraction for what it was.

The video speaks for itself:

That said, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, CBS’ employees rushed out to play Captain-Save-A-Chief for Kansas City.

“For what it’s worth, I can confirm that Kadarius Toney looked to the sideline and pointed (as he lined up),” Josh Cohen reported.

“I cannot comment whether the official acknowledged or signaled him to move back.”

Tracy Wolfson reported the same thing.

“I can confirm,” she replied.

Of course, as soon as everyone with a pair of eyes saw what occurred and confirmed those reports were false, the CBS employees in question decided to mysteriously delete their posts:

NFL Reporters Suspiciously Delete Chiefs Tweets After Bills Win 1

Very odd behavior, on all accounts.

Luckily for CBS, this was a busy weekend in the wide world of football. Between Sam Ponder’s provocative outfit choice to her ESPN show and the Mallory Edens-Aaron Rodgers break-up, enough has occurred to steal the spotlight away from this mess.

But still isn’t a good look for anyone involved.

Will CBS come out and explain why their Chiefs-defending employees suddenly decided to abruptly delete their tweets without any apologies? Time will tell.

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