NFL Referees Get 5 Different Eagles Calls Wrong During Cowboys Game

NFL Referees Get 5 Different Eagles Calls Wrong During Cowboys Game

An awful season for NFL refereeing somehow got even worse this weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles squared off against the Dallas Cowboys.

While Dak Prescott and Co. ultimately walked out of this one with a victory, it didn’t come without controversy.

All game long, it felt like Philly was fighting on two fronts: one against Dallas and one against the officials.

At one point in the first half the NFL’s referees found a way to get five separate calls wrong against the Eagles and in the Cowboys’ favor:

Unlike in the Buffalo Bills’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs where the latter team cried about a correct ruling (and then had their NFL media lapdogs lie for them), in this particular case, Philly was actually wronged.

The fans at home had some strong reactions to what transpired:

Obviously this was a busy football weekend. You had Sam Ponder’s provocative outfit causing a stir on ESPN and the Mallory Edens-Aaron Rodgers break-up. So maybe this situation will get ignored.

But it really shouldn’t be.

The officiating has been awful in the NFL all season long. And this weekend’s Philly-Dallas game was emblematic of that.

Will the NFL come out and address why the referees got so many calls wrong against the Eagles on Sunday? Time will tell.

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