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New Video Proves Alabama Cheated To Beat Ole Miss

New Video Proves Alabama Cheated To Beat Ole Miss

Alabama earned a hard-fought 30-24 victory over Ole Miss on Saturday, but it didn’t come without controversy.

Both the Crimson Tide and the Rebels understood what was on the line in this one. And both squads displayed a sense of urgency you pretty much only get in the SEC nowadays.

But the officials also played a role in the final result.

One sequence involving Alabama linebacker Dallas Turner, in particular, really stood out.

Despite the sophomore clearly shoving Ole Miss quarterback Jaxson Dart’s head into the turf after a sack, nothing was called.

And this wasn’t an isolated incident. Nick Saban’s group played particularly ‘aggressively’ throughout, as perfectly illustrated by this attempted beheading:

Fans at home couldn’t help but point out that Turner’s uncalled foul wasn’t even the worst thing Ole Miss was forced to deal with:

At the end of the day, Ole Miss had a chance to win despite the uncalled penalties. They didn’t. That’s on Lane Kiffin and Co. But the fact remains – the uncalled penalties did occur. And they did alter the game to a significant degree.

It is concerning that this is becoming a trend in college football. On a seemingly weekly basis, teams are getting screwed. It happened last weekend. And the weekend before that. And the weekend before that.

These outcomes, in turn, have a material impact on the College Football Playoff picture.

At some point hopefully officials step in and do something. Because at the moment irreparable damage is being done to the integrity of the game.

Will a fix ultimately be offered by the powers that be?

Time will tell.

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