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Alabama Fans Notice Ref’s Suspicious Act In Tennessee Loss (Video)

Alabama Fans Notice Ref’s Suspicious Act In Tennessee Loss (Video)

Tennessee earned a much-needed victory over Alabama this past weekend, but it didn’t come without controversy.

Heading into last Saturday, the Vols were in the midst of a 15-game losing streak. There was a lot on the line in this one – including favorable positioning for the College Football Playoff.

Although Tennessee emerged with a narrow win, eagle-eyed Alabama fans noticed something bizarre about one of the refs overseeing the proceedings.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Reactions poured in swiftly. Folks had some very strong takes on what the clip showed:

Last weekend’s game shocked the entire college football world to its core. It was that massive.

You had a Tennessee fan cheering so hard her shirt flew off. You had an Alabama star player assault a female fan. You had Crimson Tide fans getting publicly humiliated.

It was wild.

While it’s debatable whether the refs actually had any hand in the Vols’ big win, given how dramatic everything from that outing was, it’s hard to blame Alabama fans for holding on to any little bit of hope that they didn’t simply get outplayed.

The next few weeks will be telling.

Tennessee has two tough games ahead in Kentucky and Georgia. Wins there would solidify them as the best team in the SEC, and perhaps all of college football.

Alabama, meanwhile, still has to go against Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Both are tough foes, but neither is Georgia.

Where will the Vols and Crimson Tide find themselves record-wise come season’s end?

Time will tell.

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