New Troubling Cynthia Cooper-Dyke Texas Southern Allegations Emerge

New Troubling Cynthia Cooper-Dyke Texas Southern Allegations Emerge

WNBA legend Cynthia Cooper-Dyke found herself at the center of some egregious allegations this past week.

Cooper-Dyke retired from her position as the head coach of Texas Southern women’s basketball team last year. At the time, the school gave her a glowing sendoff.

“Coach Cooper-Dyke has had a tremendous impact on TSU women’s basketball since her arrival and moved the program to new heights,” Texas Southern vice president of intercollegiate athletics Kevin Granger said in a statement. “She will be missed as I wish her nothing but success in her future endeavors.”

What that statement failed to address, however, was the fact that a Title IX investigation midway through the season prohibited Cooper-Dyke from having any in-person communication with her players outside of practices or games.

Specifically, Cooper-Dyke was accused of “inappropriate, demeaning and degrading” behavior by several of her players.

This week, Chantel Jennings and Dana O’Neil of The Athletic reported on the extent of the claims made against Cooper-Dyke. The details are absolutely brutal.

“No, she will be all right, she just needs some d**k, that’s all,” Cooper-Dyke reportedly said of a player dealing with depression. She would go on to apparently describe said player as a “sorry-ass virgin.”

“You got a fat ass and I can tell you like to ride some d**k,” she reportedly said of another.

The sexual innuendos didn’t stop there.

“Wet, wet” she reportedly said back in 2010-11 after making a shot, before motioning to a player and saying, “I bet that’s what (name redacted) was last night.”

Beyond that, Cooper-Dyke is also accused of calling some players a “black-ass child,” “b***h,” “p***y” and “dumbass.”

Time will tell what the fallout from all this will be.

This has been a rough year for collegiate sports in general. Between an assistant coach and player getting caught up, a head coach and student assistant finding themselves in the headlines, and star quarterbacks getting exposed for their odd bedroom preferences – it has been one thing after another.

This is just par for the course.

How will this particular saga ultimately shake out? Time will tell.

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