New Troubling Christian Wood Texts, Videos Emerge

New Troubling Christian Wood Texts, Videos Emerge

Christian Wood’s season with the Los Angeles Lakers has been something of a mixed bag this year.

When given the opportunity, the 28-year-old has played decently. That said, it is definitely the most reduced role he has played since his 2018 season with the Milwaukee Bucks.

As rough and topsy-turvy as things in Wood’s professional life have been, though – it is nothing compared to what is happening in his personal life.

This weekend, a series of troubling messages went viral on social media where a woman claimed that Wood threatened her for not giving him his child.

New Troubling Christian Wood Texts, Videos Emerge 1 New Troubling Christian Wood Texts, Videos Emerge 2

Meanwhile Wood’s former partner and the child in question’s mother, Yasmine Lopez, stands accused of vandalizing his car:

“In the video, Lopez was seen jumping over Christian Wood’s fencing around the house,” reported.

“She also vandalized his car, putting multiple scratches on the hood of the Mercedes-Benz. According to the reports, Lopez was later arrested by the police. Apparently, after Lopez was arrested, Wood and his sister went to Tee’s house to get the baby.

“Wood’s sister also said that they didn’t make any calls because they didn’t want CPS to get involved in the domestic dispute. She asked people on social media to refrain from character-assassinating her brother, who just wanted to ‘locate’ his son.

“Christian Wood and Yasmine Lopez’s saga is taking turns with every hour. After Lopez was arrested and sent to jail, Wood went looking for his son. Wood’s sister had said in her social media post that one of Lopez’s friends had given them the address of Tee Kissen, who was babysitting Wood’s son.”

Lopez, of course, was previously linked to Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant over a really bizarre scheme.

This whole situation is extremely messy and definitely not what Wood or the Lakers needed right now.

L.A. is attempting to pump some fresh life into their season after a slow start in the first half of the year.

This distraction won’t help.

Will Wood and all the other parties involved here be able to reach a peaceful resolution at some point? Time will tell, but at the moment, it doesn’t look like it.

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