New Frontrunner In Bronny James Recruiting Sweepstakes

New Frontrunner In Bronny James Recruiting Sweepstakes

Bronny James is widely regarded as one of the top high school basketball players in the nation.

Although his precise national rankings have fluctuated quite dramatically over the past year, the consensus on him has always been the same: he is worth betting on at the next level.

Last week it came out that nine schools were in the running for Bronny’s collegiate services.

This week, one separated itself from the pack.

According to five-star Oregon commit K.J. Evans, Bronny told him that he really liked the Ducks.

“[Bronny] told me he likes Oregon, and I want him to visit there,” Evans told Krysten Peek of Yahoo Sports. “Everyone that’s coming in is unselfish. We all cut, move and don’t hold the ball too long, so it’s going to benefit him. Bronny can be more of a playmaker and a shot creator, and I think we would play really well together.”

What is really interesting about Bronny is that it feels like his stock is going up at just the right time.

Many have noticed that his game has improved dramatically as of late, on both sides of the ball.

Initially it felt like Bronny’s size and athleticism was going to hold him back. The difference between him and his little brother, Bryce, really worked against him in a lot of people’s eyes.

But over the past year he has worked to erase a lot of that concern. Bronny has been going off regularly at his Sierra Canyon games and showing the sort of ferociousness that people have wanted to see from him for a long time.

There is a reason the Kardashian sisters are attending high school basketball outings just to watch him play.

Bronny’s mental tenacity has never been in doubt. This is a kid who has faced pressure from the jump. Everything from his love life to how he parties has been under intense scrutiny from the beginning. Many people his age would have folded under that pressure.

Bronny never did.

Time will tell where Bronny ultimately ends up going, but wherever it is, one thing is definitely certain – he is going to be really fun to watch at the collegiate level.

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