NBA Fans React To Kawhi Leonard Partying At Club With Rick Ross

NBA Fans React To Kawhi Leonard Partying At Club With Rick Ross

Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard has always been something of an enigma.

Despite being inarguably one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, he rarely shows more than the slightest of glimpses into his personality.

So when it does finally happen, like at Paul George’s parties, fans lose it. And that is preicsly what happened this week.

Over the weekend, a video of Leonard partying with Rick Ross in the club went mega-viral.

Because NBA fans are a vocal bunch, they immediately weighed in on the situation.

Folks flooded social media with reactions.

Leonard has always marched to the beat of his own drum. His childhood photos show as much. But none of that detracts from him being one of the most interesting personalities in all of sports.

Fun guy stuff aside, the looming NBA season will be a huge one for Leonard. When he first joined the Clippers along with George, people had visions of a dynasty being formed.

Unfortunately, injuries have consistently derailed this group. And time is running out to win that ever-elusive title.

The Clippers are currently being linked to a massive James Harden trade that, in theory, could put them over the top in their hunt for a championship. Unfortunately, their refusal to include two role players could blow up the whole deal.

One way or another, Leonard’s place in hoops lore is secure. He doesn’t have to win another ring.

But if he does ultimately claim another one, with the Clippers in particular, his legacy will reach a new level.

Will Leonard ultimately be able to get it done in 2023-24? Time will tell.

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