Kawhi Leonard’s Childhood Photo Goes Viral

Kawhi Leonard’s Childhood Photo Goes Viral

Kawhi Leonard’s Childhood Photo Goes Viral

Kawhi Leonard is known for being somewhat emotionless. Although the 29-year-old has offered certain glimpses into his personality over the years, generally he is recognized for being stoic and kind of indifferent to the meaningless things happening around him.

Whereas other players often get angry, or upset, or happy – Leonard always just seems to stay at the exact same temperature.

Most have assumed that this is a personality trait the LA Clippers star developed in his later years. After all, there is a reason why seriousness is a characteristic mostly associated with adulthood.

As it turns out, Leonard has always been exactly the same person he is today.

A recently uncovered childhood photo from The Shade Room all but confirms this.


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#TSRBrainGamez: #Roommates, can you guess who this young man grew up to be? 🤔👀

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Leonard and his Clippers are currently up 2-1 over the Denver Nuggets in their best-of-seven second-round series. The winner will ultimately go on to play in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

If the Clippers prevail against the Nuggets, then win against either the Los Angeles Lakers or Houston Rockets in the next round, and finally beat whoever comes out of the East for the NBA championship, it would place Leonard in truly rarefied air.

Having already led the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors to titles, doing so again with a third team would throw Leonard in contention with Michael Jordan and LeBron James for the GOAT label.

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