NBA Fans React To Ja Morant’s Newest Shoes (Photos)

NBA Fans React To Ja Morant’s Newest Shoes (Photos)

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant found himself in the news cycle this week after another unfortunate social media video featuring him went viral.

Given his past woes, folks understandably were displeased with this latest development.

Coincidentally, Morant’s new “Hunger” Nike Ja 1 photos dropped this week as well.

NBA fans, being the vocal group of individuals that they tend to be, had some strong takes to Morant’s newest shoe drop.

They immediately flocked to social media to weigh in.

While fans have expressed a ton of disappointment in Morant for getting into trouble again, none of this should come as a surprise.

Literally two weeks ago the man was seen on video chugging tequila straight out of the bottle and partying it up after a disappointing playoff run.

Morant is 22 years old, got almost $200 million guaranteed from the Grizzlies and took Drake’s girl at one point. He feels untouchable – and he is acting like it.

At the moment it looks like he is facing a lengthy NBA suspension come next season.

Will Nike stand by Morant and keep releasing his shoes amid all these troubles? Time will tell.

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