NBA Fan’s Explicit Gesture During Clippers Game Goes Viral (Video)

NBA Fan’s Explicit Gesture During Clippers Game Goes Viral (Video)

An NBA fan’s explicit gesture during a recent game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors went viral this week.

NBA fans love being on camera. It doesn’t matter whether they are just shown in the arena or on TV – they absolutely relish the opportunity for screen time whenever they get it. Case in point: one extremely attractive Philadelphia 76ers fan.

This week proved to be no exception to the rule.

During a recent game, one fan was shown on the big screen and took full advantage:

Understandably, despite the cameraperson’s best attempt to swerve away, folks at home took note of the visual.

Social media had some strong reactions:

In a hoops week that saw a security guard block a fan from recording LeBron James and some random woman and Taylor Rooks explain why players always flirt with her, obviously nobody is going to be overly-concerned with what this fan did.

That said, it is still wild what being on camera will do to some folks.

They absolutely lose their minds.

What other crazy antics will hoops fans go viral for at NBA games as the season chugs along? Time will tell.

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