NBA Fans Catch Bryce James’ Low Key IG Like About Lakers (Photos)

NBA Fans Catch Bryce James’ Low Key IG Like About Lakers (Photos)

The Los Angeles Lakers’ start to the 2022-23 NBA season has gone largely the way most expected it would.

Not only is L.A. is winless, but the team currently boasts the worst ever shooting three-point percentage after two games for a squad that has taken a minimum of 60 threes.

Obviously the Lakers have had multiple opportunities to improve the roster over the past few months. Specifically, several shooters have been available – only for the front office to ultimately pass on the deals because they weren’t willing to part with their future first round draft picks.

This week, eagle-eyed NBA fans noticed that LeBron James’ youngest son, Bryce, liked a post on Instagram that likely encapsulated how his whole family felt about that strategy.

Bryce’s ‘Like’ stood out, specifically:

NBA Fans Catch Bryce James’ Low Key IG Like About Lakers (Photos) 1

It’s hard to argue with the rationale. Again, the Lakers are already disintegrating. Russell Westbrook is already getting into scary confrontations with disgruntled fans. LeBron is already outwardly expressing his frustration with the roster composition.

The NBA season is still less than a week old.

Over the summer two prominent sharpshooters were seen as clear and realistically attainable trade targets for the Lakers. Nothing has changed on that front. Both guys are still out there.

The front office just needs to do their part.

Again, through two games this year – the team is shooting 19 of 85 from beyond the arc. That is 22.4 percent. Opponents are willingly stepping back and giving L.A. open looks at this point because it’s so clear that the shots will not go in.

And none of this will magically change on its own.

The Lakers need three-point shooters. How will they get them? By sending away the only trade capital that remains in their possession – their first round picks.

A deal of some sort needs to occur. Either the Lakers need to move the picks. Or they need to move LeBron James and Anthony Davis, commencing with a proper rebuild.

But this weird in-between situation makes no sense.

What path will the Lakers ultimately choose to pursue?

Time will tell.

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