Mystery Surrounding Miami Heat Star Tyler Herro’s Injury Intensifies

Mystery Surrounding Miami Heat Star Tyler Herro’s Injury Intensifies

Tyler Herro is set to miss his fifth consecutive game for the Miami Heat this week when the team squares off against the Detroit Pistons.

So far this year, Herro has participated in just 36 of his squad’s 60 games.

While his stats have been fine and on par with what he has averaged over the last three years, Herro’s health has serious question marks surrounding it. Even more so than his love life.

This week, fans couldn’t help but notice that changing narrative surrounding Herro’s current injury.

Originally Herro’s ailment was described as a hyperextended knee. Then it was a general foot problem bogging him down. Now? Herro’s issue is being described as “right foot medial tendinitis.”

Herro himself offered some insight into what is going on this week.

“It’s the same little area that I dealt with in the past with my right foot in my rookie year. It’s the same thing as that. So we’re really trying to manage it right now,” he told the Miami Herald.

The situation surrounding Herro’s health has gotten so weird that a popular theory emerged regarding Miami possibly just trying to save him for the playoffs.

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra addressed that this week.

“It’s managing where he is right now and once it feels right and gets past the protocols, he’ll play,” Spoelstra said. “No, we’re not saving anybody for the playoffs. We got a lot of work to do to make sure we get in.”

It will be interesting to see what happens to Herro from here. Will he and the Heat be able to get it together in time for the playoffs? Time will tell.

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