Tyler Herro ‘Messed Up Again’ After Katya Elise Henry’s Latest Photos

Tyler Herro ‘Messed Up Again’ After Katya Elise Henry’s Latest Photos

Tyler Herro’s has been accused of having “messed up again” by some fans after his girlfriend Katya Elise Henry’s most recent post on social media.

Herro, who currently finds himself on shaky grounds with the Miami Heat, seems to be in a similarly precarious position when it comes to his personal life.

Last year Herro and Henry went viral over the former’s transgressions and the latter’s reaction to them – which included accusing him of having a tiny you-know-what.

This week, Henry took to social media to post this:

Fans quickly began reading between the lines.

“Clearly he messed up again,” one fan wrote.

“Sheesh,” another person chimed in.

Herro and Henry’s relationship has been one for the ages. Between their wild surprises for one another, intimate photos together and memorable skinny dipping pictures, the pair has always been something of a permanent fixture in the headlines.

This week was just the latest example of that.

Regardless of where their relationship goes from here, though – it will be interesting to see where Herro finds himself playing when the 2023-24 NBA season commences.

Obviously he has been a primary piece of trade bait for the Heat in their efforts to acquire Damian Lillard.

To date, however, the Portland Trail Blazers have shown little desire to bring him onboard. And while there are squads interested in possibly helping facilitate a multi-team deal that sends Lillard to Miami and Herro elsewhere, nobody is overly-enthused about the prospect.

One way or the other, 2023 will be a big year for Herro.

What does the future hold for Herro and Henry? What about Herro and the Heat? The answer appears to be the same on both fronts – time will tell.

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