Katya Elise Henry Skinny Dips Amid Tyler Herro Cheating Accusations

Katya Elise Henry Skinny Dips Amid Tyler Herro Cheating Accusations

Miami Heat star Tyler Herro and his girlfriend Katya Elise Henry have been in the headlines nonstop over the past few weeks.

It all began with a relatively cryptic post by Henry, where she alluded to her beau and the father of her baby being unfaithful. Things would only escalate from there, when she went on to seemingly suggest that he has a small manhood.

This week, after days of radio silence, Herro responded publicly on Instagram.

Shortly thereafter, photos emerged that seemed to suggest that Henry may be pregnant with Herro’s second child.

In response to all the nonstop drama surrounding her relationship with Herro, as well as the seemingly endless social media gossip, Henry decided relax in the only way she knew how to: with a skinny dip.

The imagery largely speaks for itself:

Herro and Henry have obviously been through a lot. Their time together has featured some extremely high highsa totally weird love triangle and an exceptionally strange debacle involving Washington Wizards star Kyle Kuzma. In a lot of ways, this most recent drama is just par for the course.

That being said, if a second baby is on the way, one can’t help but hope that these two figure things out. When you just have two young people going through the trials and tribulations of a passionate love story, it’s one thing.

But when there are kids involved – stability is necessary.

Herro and Henry already share one child. They may have a second on the way. They really need to settle down, figure out what is important to them in life, and proceed accordingly.

Will these two finally be able to do that this time around?

Time will tell.

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