Katya Elise Henry Pregnant Again With Tyler Herro’s Baby? (Photos)

Katya Elise Henry Pregnant Again With Tyler Herro’s Baby? (Photos)

Model Katya Elise Henry and her NBA star beau Tyler Herro have been in the headlines nonstop this month.

This week, a new chapter was written in the story of their relationship when eagle-eyed fans noticed something peculiar about Henry’s recent photos.

For obvious reasons, the observation immediately went viral.

The imagery largely speaks for itself:


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Understandably, fans are now wondering whether Henry is pregnant once again with Herro’s second child. If she was, it was certainly explain their sudden reconciliation.

You will recall, a few weeks back Henry came out and publicly seemed to allege that Herro had been unfaithful. She even went so far as to allude to his manhood being tiny and not worth the trouble he was causing her.

Then all of a sudden, this week, everything became fine between them. The change in temperature caught a lot of folks off guard.

But if Henry is in fact pregnant with Herro’s child again, it would certainly explain why she would be more open to reconciliation.

Obviously it’s impossible to know what the truth is. Until one or both come out and comment on the situation, everything is just speculation and hearsay.

All in all, this drama is pretty par for the course.

This relationship has been full of higher than high highsa legitimately odd love triangle and an extremely weird fiasco involving Kyle Kuzma. This is just more of the same.

Henry and Herro have one child together already. If a second is legitimately on the way, then it only reinforces the idea that they need to learn to be a strong, stable and happy couple.

It’s one thing when you’re young and just being wild for yourself, but when there are children involved – it’s time to step up.

How will this relationship between Herro and Henry ultimately shake out?

Time will tell.

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