Montrezl Harrell Uses Racial Insult On Luka Doncic, Will He Be Punished?

Montrezl Harrell Uses Racial Insult On Luka Doncic, Will He Be Punished?

Montrezl Harrell Uses Racial Insult On Luka Doncic, Will He Be Punished?

Things got chippy on Friday night between the Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks. In a series where tensions were already running high and trash talk was aplenty, Montrezl Harrell opted to take things to the next level.

Midway through the first quarter, Harrell worked hard on a putback attempt. On his way back down the floor, the Clippers big man could be seen yelling “bi**h a** white boy” at Doncic.

Harrell and Doncic had already engaged in a war of words earlier in the outing, when the Mavericks star called him out for flopping.

Although neither the announcers nor the officials seemed to care much about Harrell’s comment, people watching at home did.

Almost immediately fans on Twitter began complaining about what had transpired.

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Montrezl Harrell Punishment Incoming?

Will Harrell ultimately be penalized for his comments? It’s hard to say. At the moment, it doesn’t appear as though anyone outside of Twitter and some portions of Reddit actually cares about what he did.

That said, the NBA and its various teams have set a certain precedent when it comes to certain insults being uttered by players and personnel alike.

Earlier this week, a Charlotte Hornets radio play-by-play announcer was suspended indefinitely for tweeting out a racial slur.

Current Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo was suspended for one game back when he was with the Sacramento Kings for uttering a gay slur at referee Bill Kennedy.

Current Los Angeles Clippers backup Joakim Noah was fined $50,000 back when he was with the Chicago Bulls for hurling a gay slur at a heckling fan.

Regardless of whether the NBA opts to suspend or fine Harrell, it appears as though the precedent is there for something to be done.

Montrezl Harrell’s Status Is Less Important Than Luca Doncic’s

While some fans are calling for Harrell’s absence in Game 4, the real question heading into Sunday is whether the man on the receiving end of his racial insult will be available.

Doncic hurt his ankle with less than four minutes remaining in the third quarter of Saturday’s outing while attempting to prevent Kawhi Leonard from driving to the basket.

He immediately grabbed his leg in pain and ultimately had to hop off the floor.

The 21-year-old star briefly attempted to return at the beginning of the fourth quarter with his ankle re-taped, but was clearly limited in his movement.

After the game, Doncic suggested the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked.

“It’s not that bad,” he said.

“Honestly, I had luck it’s my left ankle. It’s not my right. It’s a little sprained. We’ll know more tomorrow.”

The Clippers and Mavericks will the play the fourth game of their first round series on Sunday. Will either Harrell or Doncic ultimately be active? The answer to both players’ statuses should emerge at some point on Saturday.

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  1. if it was the other way, U would hear about it as the main headline. I guess when it happens on this direction, the NBA allows it… hypocrite in its best.

  2. This is weak and ofcourse not written by a black man. Racial slurs and epithet are two different things and ofcourse it would be worse if things were reversed do you not understand why!?

    1. If Harrell is not reprimanded 4 this then the NBA is a joke and the black lives matter movement is a joke it’s not ok 4 black guy to say anything derogatory when all white people r automatically rasist if they don’t believe what black people believe it’s a joke

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only seeing the truth of the matter, that will teach Doncic to claim his white privilege and not know the how wrong he is for playing in the NBA while being white!

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