LaVar Ball Doesn’t Want LaMelo Playing For 1 Specific Team

LaVar Ball Doesn’t Want LaMelo Playing For 1 Specific Team

LaVar Ball Doesn’t Want LaMelo Playing For 1 Specific Team

LaVar Ball often says that he wills things into existence. If that is in fact true, then LaMelo Ball will end up getting drafted at the top of the 2020 NBA Draft. But when that happens – he will not go to the Golden State Warriors.

According to LaVar, if there is one destination he could keep his youngest son away from, it would be the most objectively successful franchise in the NBA over the past decade.

While appearing on the “Say Less With Kaz” podcast, LaVar indicated that he has his own personal reasons for why he does not believe LaMelo would be a good fit alongside Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

“They got Klay and the other guys and now you want to put Melo in that mix to say you got to follow these guys,” the outspoken dad argued.

“Melo ain’t no follower.”

Clearly LaVar wants his boy with the New York Knicks, but based how the NBA draft lottery unfolded on Thursday night, he may not be able to will that desire into existence.

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LaVar Ball Didn’t Get A Lucky Ping Pong Ball Bounce

In LaVar’s perfect world, the Knicks would have ended up getting one of the top picks in the draft this past week. That would have resulted in them having the option of picking his son one, in a prestigious position, and two, before any other organizations could scoop him up.

Unfortunately, Knicks ended up walking away with the eighth overall selection.

That’s low.

Given that this is one of the weaker drafts in recent memory as far as talent goes, it is difficult to see a scenario where LaMelo slips out of the top three.

Everyone has some combination of him, James Wiseman, Anthony Edwards and Deni Avdija going in the top four.

That means there is no way he is getting past the Minnesota Timberwolves, Warriors, Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls or Cleveland Cavaliers.

And if something were to happen that would cause any of those organizations to pause and not take LaMelo, it is likely that the very same something would ensure New York not risk it all on him either.

LaVar may want his son in the Big Apple, but given how things currently stand, it is hard to see how he will make that a reality.

How Good Is LaMelo?

The big question surrounding the youngest Ball brother is how good he actually is. Some view him as unquestionably the most talented member of his family and the prospect with the most upside in this year’s draft.

However, questions regarding the 18-year-old’s game remain. His defense has long been regarded as a potential liability, and his skinny frame makes many wonder how he will be able to handle the physicality of the American professional game.

For all of LaMelo’s length and natural offensive gifts, he has yet to be tested in the way he would have had he gone to college in the United States.

If the Timberwolves opt to select LaMelo, for example, he and D’Angelo Russell would form one of the worst defensive backcourts in the league.

The workouts LaMelo will participate in will tell us a lot. Is this kid as good as advertised? Or is this another LaVar Ball hype machine production? One way or the other, we’re just a few short months away from getting our answer.

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