Molly Qerim’s Racy Hotel Room Video After Flirty Chat With Rock

Molly Qerim’s Racy Hotel Room Video After Flirty Chat With Rock

Molly Qerim’s flirty encounter with The Rock on First Take this week caught the attention of sports fans far and wide.

Between The Rock giving her a special ring and their handsy encounter with one another, many wondered if perhaps a budding romance was presenting itself right in front of their very eyes.

On Thursday night, Qerim added further fuel to the fire.

Shortly after posting once again about the ring that The Rock gave her, Qerim the shared a very racy hotel room video:


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Molly Qerim’s Racy Hotel Room Video After Flirty Chat With Rock 1

Qerim has blown up online in recent days for everything ranging from her edgy outfits to her intimate video with Stephen A. Smith to that photo of her in bed wearing a bathrobe. That said, something about this particular hotel room video definitely caught people’s attention.

“The Rock got her acting different,” one person wrote.

“And he put a ring on it,” another fan added.

“You are so beautiful,” a third person chimed in.

Over the past year both Qerim and First Take have blown up a lot.

Qerim has trended for everything ranging from being made so uncomfortable by Smith that she didn’t show up to work the next day to her provocative First Take dress to her cursing out Smith on air.

It will be interesting to see if any more links between Qerim and The Rock emerge over the next few days.

Generally speaking, where there is this much smoke – there is usually at least some fire.

Will Qerim come out and address the undeniable chemistry she and The Rock had earlier this week?

Time will tell.

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