Molly Qerim Gets Upset With Stephen A. Smith, Curses At Him (Video)

Molly Qerim Gets Upset With Stephen A. Smith, Curses At Him (Video)

Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith had a tense moment on ‘First Take’ this week that resulted in the former cursing at the latter.

Over the past few months Qerim and Smith have had their fair share of interesting confrontations.

Smith once said something so offensive to Qerim that she didn’t show up to work the next day. Conversely, they have also shared some really intimate moments that led to folks wondering if they were dating. That is just the nature of their relationship.

This week, however, the pair was clearly going through one of their ‘cold’ periods.

The issue arose when Smith decided to point to some people thinking of Qerim as a model while trying to make a larger point.

Qerim didn’t take kindly to that, and she should clearly be seen muttering, “What the f**k?” on camera.

Qerim is a huge fan favorite. She has gone viral in recent days for everything ranging from her provocative outfits to her wild workout photos to her edgy wardrobe choices. As a result, fans had some strong reactions to Smith’s offensive comment.

Big picture, Qerim and Smith have worked together a long time.

Obviously one ill-advised statement by Smith won’t change that.

Nevertheless, clearly Qerim wasn’t happy with her co-host.

Will Qerim and Smith opt to address this messy incident in some capacity this week? Time will tell.

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