Model Exposes NBA Star For Giving Her Pink Eye (Video)

Model Exposes NBA Star For Giving Her Pink Eye (Video)

A model exposed an NBA star this week for giving her pink eye.

The young woman in question, Whitney Nicole Ritchie, set the internet ablaze early Thursday morning when a video of her detailing her escapades went viral.

Essentially, during a podcast appearance, Ritchie revealed that during a recent NBA Finals she went on a date with a player participating. Afterward, they met up and had themselves a good time.

The next morning, Ritchie found herself with an unfortunate surprise.

Given how one gets pink eye, it isn’t particularly hard to see why Ritchie believes she got it from this particular encounter with an NBA star.

Fans, for what it’s worth, fans weren’t overly-sympathetic.

Groupies have long had a prominent place in NBA lore. Between the time Carmelo Anthony got called out for sending different gifts to his ladies and Brittany Renner making a living off dumb players and the 7-Suns-players-in-1-night girl – there have been countless examples of this.

Ritchie is just the latest one.

Will Ritchie ever come out and fully expose the guy who gave her pink eye? Just to end all the speculation?

Time will tell.

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