Mighty Ducks Finally Available For Streaming

Mighty Ducks Finally Available For Streaming

Mighty Ducks Finally Available For Streaming

The Mighty Ducks is finally available for streaming. One of the most beloved sports movies of all time made its official Disney+ debut on Friday.

Seven months after the launch of Disney’s much-hyped streaming network, The Mighty Ducks joined its roster along with Hamilton and The Big Green.

Although Hamilton’s debut received the most mainstream play among people on social media, The Might Ducks’ diehard fanbase showed incredible enthusiasm as well.

Fortunately for that latter group, all three Ducks movies are on Disney+.

“Oh my god, finally…. The Mighty Ducks,” wrote on user on Twitter.

“Mighty Ducks is still one of the best series of movies to me 🔥 idc how old i get I’ll always binge watch it,” wrote another.

The first two films in the series are widely regarded as the best, but the third one is also extremely underrated.

Disney+ has yet to reveal which movies and shows on its platform get the most viewership. It is unlikely that they will do so any time soon. However, when they finally do, it would not be all that shocking to see The Mighty Ducks on that list.

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