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Michigan’s JJ McCarthy Made Out With Girlfriend During Nebraska Win

Michigan’s JJ McCarthy Made Out With Girlfriend During Nebraska Win

Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy had such an easy time beating Nebraska on Saturday afternoon that he even found time to get intimate with his girlfriend during the proceedings.

Coming into this weekend, nobody thought the Huskers had an actual shot at beating the Wolverines. The latter squad is the second-best team in the country, whereas the former is perpetually one of the biggest disappointments in college football.

That said, the hope was that Matt Rhule would figure out a way to keep this one competitive. He couldn’t.

In the end, Michigan walked away with a 45-7 victory.

How bad did things get at one point? So bad that McCarthy found time to make out with his girlfriend on the sidelines.

If McCarthy’s girlfriend looks familiar, it’s because it is the same girl his dad couldn’t keep his hands off either. The same one whose wild photos set the internet ablaze not too long ago.

Understandably, fans had a lot of reactions to McCarthy’s brazen disrespect for Nebraska.

All that being said, the Huskers are so uncompetitive as a football program nowadays that its fans are forced to find subplots to keep themselves entertained.

That is why a group of Nebraska cheerleaders saw their racy photos go viral over the weekend. The people of Lincoln are that bored at this point.

As for McCarthy and Michigan – it will be interesting to see how they fare against more legitimate foes. Two touchdowns and 156 yards on 12-of-16 passing works against inferior competition like Nebraska.

Less so against the likes of Penn State and Ohio State.

Will McCarthy and his girlfriend end up having any more fun times at Michigan games as the 2023-24 college football season progresses? An answer one way or the other will emerge soon enough.

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