McKayla Maroney Shares Wild Photos Of Her Sister

McKayla Maroney Shares Wild Photos Of Her Sister

McKayla Maroney is one of the most interesting gymnastics stars of the past decade.

As a key foundational member of the infamous ‘Fierce Five’ group from the 2012 Olympics, she helped guide the U.S. side to a team gold medal and individual silver. In the process, McKayla became something of a big personality within the larger cultural zeitgeist.

These days, someone like LSU star Olivia Dunne cashes in with seven-figure paydays thanks to NIL rules. But in many ways, it was Maroney who popularized marketing herself in the way Dunne does.

Whereas Dunne went viral recently over her racy hotel room photos, McKayla has been blowing up online for everything ranging from how different she now looks after her 1-year social media break to her last video before she took her hiatus to her intimate photos with her boyfriend. She is a true pioneer in the field.

This week, Maroney set the internet ablaze when she shared a post remarking at how grown up her sister Tarynn was nowadays:

McKayla Maroney Shares Wild Photos Of Her Sister 1


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Folks loved Maroney’s post because it was so relatable. Many people have stopped over the years and marveled at how their younger siblings, relatives and friends have grown up without them even noticing it.

Again, Maroney is no stranger to going viral. Between her wild workout pictures, racy outfits and provocative birthday party photos, she is a frequent mainstay in the news cycle.

Part of the reason why is because she understands social media and what her fans enjoy seeing on it so well.

The year is young, but Maroney has already set the internet ablaze on multiple occasions in 2024. What will she ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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