Lou Williams Reveals Hardest Part Of Having 2 Girlfriends

Lou Williams Reveals Hardest Part Of Having 2 Girlfriends

Atlanta Hawks guard Lou Williams is regarded by many as one of the best sixth men of all time.

Coming off the bench consistently allowed him to exploit all of his offensive advantages over his opposition, while minimizing his defensive weaknesses by allowing him to face off against less potent threats.

In addition to being an absolute stud on the court, he was also one off it.

One of the off-the-court things Williams is most known for is having two girlfriends. This week, he sat down with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report and revealed the hardest thing about all the coverage of that particular part of his life.

“People even thought they were sisters, I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I didn’t like the part where I couldn’t control what was being said and how they were viewed,” Williams acknowledged. “Both of those women are mothers of my children, not just some random girls I’m running around with…”

Williams has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Whether he was getting suspended for his love of strip clubs, going off on shady politicians, or serving as a sounding board for emotional former teammates – he always did things his way.

Having two girlfriends was just more of the same for Williams.

Given that this is likely Williams’ last season before retirement, fans would be wise to appreciate him. A character like this doesn’t come along often.

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